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How I used appliance paint on my refrigerator

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Finished project

How I used appliance paint on my refrigerator.

Step 1
I could not take my refrigerator outside, so I had no choice but to paint it inside. If you choose to do the same, this information will help you. Lay all of your materials out and begin to prep your work space. First, make a room around your refrigerator using the drop cloths. Hang a drop cloth on the left, right, rear, and front walls surrounding your refrigerator using duct tape to hold it in place. I use duct tape all the time and I carefully take it off my walls and ceiling when I am finished in order not to strip the paint. If you are not comfortable with using duct tape due to concerns about the paint on your walls and ceiling, then use what you are comfortable with. Place the last drop cloth on the floor and tuck some of it under your refrigerator on all sides. Then spread out the remaining portion of the drop cloth around your floor. Secure the drop cloth on the floor with several strips of duct tape to ensure that it does not move with you. I made my drop cloths around my refrigerator just big enough for me to stretch out my arm fully and spray. I did this to minimize the possibility of paint escaping by having a huge area enclosed by drop cloths. Take painter' s tape and tape over all of the gaskets on the refrigerator (-the soft parts of the doors that hold it shut on the tops, bottoms, and sides of the doors). I specify using cloth drop cloths due to initially using 9 X 12 plastic drop cloths (-the cheapest) only to have the plastic drop cloths stick to me and to my shoes due to the paint being sticky and getting on my clothes and shoes. This caused the drop cloths to expose some of my kitchen floor to the paint. After this, I went back to the hardware store and purchased cloth drop cloths, shoe protectors, and heavy duty coveralls with a hood. The spray paint is messy so the coveralls with a hood and shoe protectors are recommended.

Step 2
I recommend purchasing a spray paint safety mask. The chemicals in the appliance paint can cause cancer (-read all the warnings),so it is worth the mask and you can re-use it again and again. The safety goggles sold in the paint department have small slits in them or small holes in them. When I used this type of safety goggle the spray paint managed to come in through the tiny slits and burn my eyes. This is why I recommend using swimming goggles because there are no slits or holes in them. I grabbed my swimming goggles and continued with my project. Your next step is to open all of the cans of appliance paint and attach your spray can grip accessory to the first can. I used an economy spray can grip accessory I purchased for $3.00 at the hardware store and it worked great. Also, lay the remaining cans of appliance paint inside your work area so that you can easily switch out the empty can with a new can. I used 4 cans for my 19 cubic foot refrigerator. It was a horrible bisque color I painted black to match my other black appliances in the kitchen. Put your overalls on and your mask. Do the air leakage check that comes with your mask before beginning. Put on your gloves and start on either the right or left side of your refrigerator. Apply 3 coats in this order. Apply the first coat vertically using steady and consistent up and down strokes. To avoid having the paint form a blob when you come to the end of the area you are working on, simply spray past the area a little and then resume with painting. Do the same for the front, the top, and the other side of the refrigerator. Let it dry 30 minutes and then apply a second coat horizontally using steady and consistent side to side strokes to paint the left side, right side, front, and top of your refrigerator. Let dry 30 minutes and then apply the third coat vertically to the same areas again using steady and consistent up and down strokes. Applying the paint this way will prevent you from seeing streaks and give you a nice looking paint job. Using the spray can grip accessory will help you to keep the paint steady as you spray.

Step 3
Finally, when you are finished with painting, let the refrigerator dry at least 24 hours before using it. Clean up all of your supplies. Definitely, clean your safety mask (-the instructions should come with it). I broke my mask completely down and cleaned it with soap and water (-do not get your cartridges wet). After it dried, I used goof off to get the appliance paint off of the exterior parts of the mask (-the paint really does get everywhere). I don't recommend washing the actual white cartridges, replace them if you want to, but I wouldn't wash them. My cartridges were fine so I cleaned the appliance paint off of the exterior of the cartridge case. I recommend spraying the goof off onto a rag and then cleaning your mask with it so that you can control where the goof off is applied.

Supplies Needed:
5 drop cloths & 1 duct tape
Respirator mask
Swimming goggles
Appliance paint
Latex or vinyl gloves
Spray can grip accessory
1 Roll of painter's tape
Optional: 1 can of Goof Off
Optional: 1 Heavy duty coveralls with a hood & shoe protectors

Further thoughts:
All duct tape is not created equally. I love duck brand duct tape and use it for all of my projects whenever possible. I have also found this brand at some dollar stores.
I used goof off on my relatively new vinyl kitchen floor and it worked great for removing the black paint and not damaging my floor. It doesn't hurt to have a can on standby in case you need it.
I used only one drop cloth on my kitchen floor around my refrigerator due to creating a small room around my refrigerator, but if you have an older floor, or just want more protection, use as many drop cloths as you would like. I recommend (-if safe to) open all windows in your house and the doors for the level you are working on due to the fumes getting into your air vents throughout your house. I can't stress the importance of using a safety mask- it worked great and I did not smell the fumes. Your health is worth it. All of the supplies purchased for this project came out way cheaper than it would have cost me to buy a brand new black 19 cubic foot refrigerator.

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