A Bit More

Mission Statement:

To help survivors of trauma conquer their profound pain.  To assist survivors as they transcend their trauma and live in the energy of empowerment, victory, and success.


For the day to arrive sooner than later when all humans recognize that hate, discrimination, racism, and all negativity are among our greatest flaws.  When we embrace this negativity we represent ourselves and not any Higher Power.  The Higher Power is devoid of our human flaws of hate, discrimination, racism, and so forth.  When we truly understand this and live in this energy the world instantly becomes a better place.


The Pennsylvania State University, Master of Arts, Community Psychology and Social Change

Widener University, Master of Arts, Social Work

Some of the things I love to do:

Spending time with my dogs a.k.a. my kids

Playing the saxophone and the piano

Laughing; so therapeutic for me

The Arts (except for musicals; I would rather go to a concert)

Watching Keeping up appearances, MMA, basketball, action tv, & drama tv

Working on my book

Looking in the mirror and telling myself it’s all muscle (not fat)