I previously had a client who stated, “I’m sick and tired of my wife telling me I need to talk about my childhood!” Talking about our childhood in therapy has been joked about in numerous sitcoms and movies. At times when among our close friends we may sometimes find ourselves jokingly asking (as we shake our heads) “who hurt you?” All jokes aside, who we are all begins with our childhood. For better or worse the foundation of who we are and why we behave in the ways that we do all begins with our childhood. Depending on the type of traumatic experiences we had during our childhoods we can begin to understand the effects of that trauma when we work on ourselves. I tell my clients all of the time that I have to do the same hard work on myself that they have to do in order to work on my issues. The issues may be the same or different but we all have to do the hard work on ourselves to deal with our issues and most, if not all, of our issues go back to our childhood in one way or another.

As adults we may not recognize the connection to our present behavior until we actually stop to do the hard work on ourselves in order to deal with our issues. Becoming the best person that we can be involves a lifelong journey of working on ourselves. When we do this continuous hard work on ourselves it enables us to also have good mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health (-for those who are spiritual). We are always worth the time and effort required to be the best possible person that we can. So as I’ve said before, you deserve the best and nothing less! So we must do the work on ourselves so that we can have the best. I’m referring to having the best mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In doing so we truly honor ourselves in a priceless way.