I was born and raised in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia.  I grew up in a high crime neighborhood and have encountered many people in profound spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical pain.   I initially began ministering to others as a wounded healer.  As such, I began reaching out to people in great pain as I participated in the drama ministry, Joel’s Place (a Christian coffee house with live entertainment at my church), visited the sick at local hospitals, served as a minister in the youth ministry, sung on the Youth for Christ and Sanctuary choirs, and led various community outreach projects.  At the age of eighteen I preached my first recorded sermon entitled, Hardships can be stepping stones to honor, at the midweek worship service at my church.  I continued to minister for several years at two churches in Philadelphia.

From the time I preached my first sermon to the present, I have decades of experience in comforting and ministering to people in profound pain.  I continue to work with people from all walks of life to help them achieve their goals as they move forward one step at a time. The professions I have previously engaged in have aligned with my desire to help and encourage people in their time of need and/or crisis.  Prior to being retired from my duties as a Philadelphia police officer, I dealt with many tragic circumstances.  As a result, I encountered many different types of crime scenes and circumstances such as murder-suicides, drug overdoses, domestic disturbances, sexual assaults, and so forth. I was able to compassionately interact with victims and their significant others during tragic incidents and to briefly help them in dealing with their crisis.  As a sexual assault crisis counselor, domestic violence crisis counselor, life coach and spiritual counselor, I have guided and continue to guide clients in dealing with tough issues as well as helping them to move forward to the next step in achieving their spiritual, personal, and professional goals.

Your existence consists of your spirit, mind, emotions, and body. This enables us to be capable of divine greatness because we are made in the image of the Divine with a divine purpose for our life. Regretfully, many people have been profoundly hurt by the ignorance and hate of others who use the name of God to justify their human actions of hate, discrimination, and so forth.  Such people talk about a God that is love and who loves all people except for this population or that population; creating a God with our human flaws of hate, discrimination, etc.

I believe in a higher power whom is pure love and doesn’t have our human flaws of hate, discrimination, and so forth.  I accept people for who they are.  I assist in empowering people to be the best people they are destined to be based upon their goals.  As a result, I do not discriminate, judge, hate, or so forth, a person based upon religion, spiritual belief system, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, or so forth.  As a survivor of traumas I know what profound pain is.  As a result, I am here to help those who I can help in our world of profound pain.  Therefore, in order to genuinely and effectively help people to meet their personal and professional goals it is vital to accept people for who they are.  I have the understanding that we are all created from the Divine and are capable of tremendous and wonderful excellence in our everyday life.  My approach with you is honest, respectful, and straight forward.  Due to all of the above, I provide quality and experienced life coaching based upon empathy, integrity, honorableness, and excellence.