Hello. It's been 8 years since I've updated my website (- yes, I know that's just sad). Sorry, but it will be a bit longer. I have listed some of my professional information below. My personal social media links are at the bottom of the page.

Angela Jones Empowerment Ministries, LLC

About Us

I am not accepting new clients at the moment due to reaching maximum capacity with my individual sessions. I'm also still in school working on my second Master's; I have a full plate. Here's some information about me from my old website: I began reaching out to people in great pain as I participated in the drama ministry, Joel's Place (-a Christian coffee house with live entertainment at my church), visited the sick at local hospitals, served as a minister in the youth ministry, sang on both the Youth for Christ and Sanctuary choirs, and led various community outreach projects. At the age of eighteen I preached my first recorded sermon entitled, Hardships can be stepping stones to honor during the midweek worship service at my church. I continued to minister for several years thereafter within the same two large churches in Philadelphia. As an ordained minister, by God's grace, from the past to the present I continue to help, inspire, and empower people from all walks of life in achieving their goals as they move forward one step at a time. The professions I have previously engaged in have aligned with my desire to help and empower people in their time of need and/or crisis. Prior to being retired from my duties as a Philadelphia police officer, I dealt with many tragic circumstances. As a result, I encountered many different types of crime scenes and circumstances such as murder-suicides, drug overdoses, domestic disturbances, sexual assaults, and so forth. I was able to compassionately interact with victims and their significant others during tragic incidents and to briefly help them in dealing with their crisis. As a sexual assault crisis counselor, domestic violence crisis counselor, life coach and spiritual counselor, I have guided and continue to guide clients in dealing with tough issues as well as helping to empower them to move forward to the next step in achieving their spiritual, personal, and professional goals. No solicitations. Any solicitations are reported at the local, state, and federal levels.

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